How to set Pickup Only on WooFood

With these few lines of code you can disable Delivery Option on WooFood for WooCommerce and set the pickup option as default. Copy and paste the following two snippets to your functions.php inside your Theme or Child Theme folder

You will have to use the woofood_order_types_filter filter to return an array including only the pickup option like the following example

add_filter( 'woofood_order_types_filter', 'custom_hook_pickup_only' );
function custom_hook_pickup_only( $order_types ) {
   $new_order_types = array('pickup'=>esc_html__('Pickup', 'woofood-plugin'));
   return $new_order_types;

You will need also to change the default order type , so you need to use also the woofood_default_order_type_filter like on the following snippet

add_filter( 'woofood_default_order_type_filter', 'custom_hook_pickup_as_default' );
function custom_hook_pickup_as_default( $default_order_type ) {
   $new_default_order_type = "pickup";
   return $new_default_order_type;

If you are still not able to do it yourself , feel free to submit a ticket here