TrackAlyzer is a plugin to add tracking features to WooCommerce in no time.

It supports easy integration with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, ShareASale , Linkwise 

TrackAlyzer also supports to use your own custom code to place it on Header, Footer, Product Category, Product Page,Cart, Checkout Page and also supports the use of shortcodes.

TrackAlyzer Supports Integration for the following Networks .

  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • ShareASale
  • Linkwise
  • Custom Code

TrackAlyzer is a plugin to add tracking features to WooCommerce in no time.

It supports easy integration with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, ShareASale , Linkwise 

TrackAlyzer also supports to use your own custom code to place it on Header, Footer, Product Category, Product Page,Cart, Checkout Page and also supports the use of shortcodes.

It's very easy to setup TrackAlyzer.

Navigate to Woocommerce -> TrackAlyzer Conversion Settings to configure the plugin.

There are 6 Different tabs , select the tab you want to enable the conversion tracking and enter the few details required .On the last tab Custom Code you can any other third party network code or your own code on any place.

You can also have enabled all of them . There is no limitation.


Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Let's start the configutation of the plugin  and we will start with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce .

For the users don't know what is Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics, i will explain it now in a few lines.

Having Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics enabled on your site , will help you learn more about the user interaction on your site and the total user behaviour. You will be able to track the items added or removed from cart, the product impressions , product categories that selling better , payment methods are used the most and take reports about them.

Also you will be ale to track the users that started the checkout process, and the users that made a purchase.

This will help you learn more about your user audience and optimize your site better to increase your conversions(sales).

I highly suggest you use this feauture. Please enable first the Enhanced Ecommerce on your Google Analytics account under settings, before enabling this feature.


1)Log into your Google Analytics Account and get your ID (starting with UA) and enter it on Google Analytics ID

2)Enable Universal Google Analytics must be checked to enable the the Enhanced Ecommerce, if you are using an other plugin for Google Anaytics i suggest you to disable it to avoid double pageviews.

3)Check the options you want to get detailed stats for , i suggest you to have all of them enabled(the more detailed stats you have, the more better analysis you can do).

4) Don't forget to check the last checkbox Enable Google Analytics  to enable the plugin.


By enabling the Facebook Ads Tracking you will be able to track the conversion made from your Facebook Campaign and track all the steps of the user. You will be able to see not only the number of conversions but also the total order amounts the customer purchased directly from your Facebook Ads account.


1)Enter your Facebook Pixel ID and select the currency of your store.

2)Check the option to Enable Facebook.


Enable Adwords to track sales made from Google Adwords Campaign.


1) Enter your Adwords Conversion Label and the Adwords Conversion ID you will find on your Adwords account.

2) Check the option Enable Google Adwords .


If your are promoting your store through ShareASale Network enable this feature, to enable the tracking .


1) Enter your Mechant ID you will get from ShareASale and select the currency you are using on yor store

2) Check the option Enable ShareASale



This option is mainly for Greek users that working with Greek Affiliate Network Linkwise .This will add the conversion tracking required by the network plus the remarketing code.


1) Enter the Program ID you will get from Linkwise , the VAT percentage, the Decimal Seperator ( example: .  or , ).

2)(Optional) If your store phone number is visible Linkwise requires to hide the number, to hide it just type the class of the div or the id to hide it automatically by appending the ?tel=no to the url .

Cookie lasts 30 days

3) Check the option Enable Linkwise.


Custom Code

If any of the above solutions doesn't cover you and you need to add any other code from an other network or your own code you can use the Custom Code feature.


You can add your code on the following placements with the following shortcodes to replaced with the original values.

  1. Header
  2. Footer
  3. Product Category(Loop  *for each product on category page)  shortcodes:{product_sku}} , {{product_price}} , {{product_title}}{{product_category}}
  4. Product Category Footer
  5. Product Page  shortcodes: {{product_sku}} , {{product_price}} , {{product_title}}{{product_category}}
  6. Cart Page (Loop  *for each item on cart)     shortcodes:{{product_sku}} , {{product_price}} , {{product_title}}{{product_category}}{{product_quantity}}{{product_variation}}
  7. Cart Page     shortcodes: {{cart_total}}
  8. Checkout Page Code  shortcodes: {{cart_total}}
  9. Thank You Page (Loop  *for each ordered item)   shortcodes:{{product_sku}} , {{product_price}} , {{product_title}}{{product_category}}{{product_quantity}}{{product_variation}}
  10. Thank You Page   shortcode: {{order_total}}, {{order_id}}

Custom Code Examples

Example 1

Add Conversion Pixel on Thank You page

<img  height="1" width="1" style="border-style:none;" src="{{order_id}}&amount={{order_total}}" />

Note:{{order_id}} will be replaced with the Order ID and the {{order_total}} with the total Order Value

Example 2

Add script on Product Page


tracking("addproduct", {
id:  '{{product_sku}}'' ,
price: {{product_price}}, 

Note:{{product_sku}} will be replaced with SKU of the product and {{product_price}} with the price of the product

WooHistory is a plugin for Wordpress and more specific for WooCommerce  adding the ability to shop managers and to view previous orders from the same customers even if they are not registered customers and are just guest users.

You can download it directly from the Wordpress Repository by clicking this link

Or you can search it directly from your Wordpress by going to Plugins -> Add New and Search for WooHistory

After Enabling the Plugin

1) Navigate to WooCommerce->WooHistory and select the criteria WooHistory will search for orders from the same customer . I highly suggest to use only phone as the same user may use multiple email addresses use an other email address when he completes the order.
2) Now when you go to WooCommerce-> Orders you will notice that a new column “History” has been added where you will be able
to see previous orders from this customer and their statuses along with buttons to navigate easily to previous orders.

Automic Image Compression & Bulk Image Compression is a plugin to enable the automic image compression on upload .

Also you can select the images you want to compress and press  compress .

1)Upload Files on  wp-content/plugins directory using an FTP program like Filezilla or CyberDuck

2)Enable the plugin by going to Plugins-> Installed Plugins and press Activate on Plugin Automatic Image Compression & Bulk Image Compression

Automic Image Compression & Bulk Image Compression is a plugin to enable the automic image compression on upload .

Also you can select the images you want to compress and press  compress .

Navigate to Media -> Image Compression Settings .

There are 2 tabs there. One is Compression Settings to enable the automatic Image Compression on Upload.

Select the Quality level you want the images to automatically compressed, check the box Enable Image Compression on Upload and press Save Changes.

Note:I suggest you to use a quality level above 70% for the compression to be almost lossless.

Now all the images you are uploading will automatically compressed, no further action needed .

Note: In case you get any server timeout issue, try to increase your memory limit in wp-config.php .

What about the already uploaded images?

To compress the already uploaded images go to the 2nd tab Bulk Image Compression select the compression quality level and the images you want to compress and press Compress Selected Images.

WooVoucher - Greek Web Services for WooCommerce is a plugin made to connect greek courier web services with WooCommerce.


  • ACS Courier
  • Geniki Taxydromiki
  • ELTA Courier
  • Speedex

Upload the plugin using ftp under wp-content/plugins directory and enable the plugin under Plugins.

Alternatively  upload directly the zipped file from Wordpress Backend by going to Plugins->Add New -> Upload Plugin 

WooVoucher - Greek Web Services for WooCommerce is a plugin made to connect greek courier web services with WooCommerce.


  • ACS Courier
  • Geniki Taxydromiki
  • ELTA Courier
  • Speedex

After enabling the plugin you have to configure it for first time, so let's start by going to WooCommerce->Settings  -> Courier Web Services.

After clicking to Courier Web Services Tab you will see the following options to configure each courier.

Complete all the settings from the courier you want to enable web services. Also enable the test mode  to make the initial tests as Courier require .

*Please enable only the courier that you are actually using their Web Services.

You will notice also that you have the option to send automatically the tracking code by email. (This happens when you create the voucher and after that mark the order as Completed).

You can change also the email subject and email content with your content for each courier and use {order_id} , {tracking_code} , {first_name} , {last_name} and will be respectively replaced.


Now le'ts navigate to WooCommerce->Orders

You will notice that 3 new columns added (Voucher, Courier, Tracking) .

On first column voucher is a button that when hover it dropdown the available courier to generate , print , cancel or trace the voucher.

The second column is displaying the courier we generated voucher for this order while the third column displaying the tracking number generated from the courier.

Now let's generate a voucher for our new order

I will now select to generate a voucher using Elta Courier and the following popup appears

I see that my voucher is generated . Now i can select to print the voucher as A4 or as A6(this is for the label printer).

Let's do this also.

Note: On first time when you try to click on print your browser may try to block the popup . You must select to allow this popup for this site and add it as exception.

You can print the voucher normally by pressing the Print Voucher button. I hide sensitive information on this screenshot for obvious reasons.

Now let's trace the voucher we just generated by pressing Trace Voucher.

We will see this

The Trace Voucher returns at the moment only one status. It will be display more after getting updated from Courier Agents and you will be able to see exactly the status and if this order has been sucesfully delivered or not by the courier..

Now let's see also the Cancel Voucher option as you may want to cancel a voucher for any reason.

By pressing this button you should get a message that Voucher Canceled like the following screenshot

Note: if you get a message that cannot be canceled this may because you have finalized or you have closed the pending jobs as Geniki Taxydromiki, ACS and Speedex requires..

Note for ACS: If you are using ACS Courier you cannot cancel a voucher after creating a mass number. You can cancel the voucher before creating the mass number ACS Requires.

Note for Geniki Taxydromiki: If you are using Geniki Taxydromiki  you cannot also cancel a voucher if you pressed Close Pending Jobs Under WooCommerce  -> Geniki Taxydromiki .

Note for Speedex: You are not able also to cancel a voucher if you selected to print the pdf for today orders under WooCommerce - > Speedex


Lets see some notes for each Courier.

ACS Courier

  • You should generate the receipt list before courier pickup the packages by going to WooCommerce - > ACS Courier each day. If you created multiple receipt lists there is no problem with that. You should print the list or the lists and give them to the courier along with the packages.
  • You cannot cancel a voucher after creating the receipt list


  • Remember to print the PDF under WooCommerce -> Speedex before courier pickup the packages.
  • You can print PDF under WooCommerce-> Speedex only for the current day.

Geniki Taxydromiki

  • Remember to press "Close Pending Vouchers" under WooCommerce -> Geniki Taxydromiki before the courier pickup the packages for delivery

When the voucher is generated as COD(Cash On Delivery)?

The voucher is generated as COD when it actually customer ordered and selected COD as payment method.

Otherwise the COD amount on voucher is 0 (if paid by credit card for example).

Are the customer notes included on Voucher?

Yes , all customer notes included on voucher. You can always edit the order and keep only the comment you want to be visible if the customer note is too long or contains something you want to not be visible on voucher.

When the customer receives by email the tracking code?

Customer receives automatically  the email with tracking code after you mark the order as completed. You must generate the voucher before marking the order as completed .

WooFood is an all in one solution for WordPress & WooCommerce including Plugin , Theme &  Automatic Order Printing Software for WooCommerce compatible for Windows and MAC. Includes everything you need to create your own online delivery website for your Fast Food, Coffee, restaurant etc...

WooFood also includes a multistore plugin to extend the main WooFood plugin for multiple restaurant locations. It can send the order automatically to the nearest to the client store.


1)Upload Files on  wp-content/themes directory using an FTP program like Filezilla or CyberDuck2)Enable the plugin by going to Appearance->Themes and press Activate on Theme WooFood.
Notes:After Enabling WooFood Theme you will be prompt also to install the required plugins , WooCommerce and the WooFood Plugin ( WooFood Plugin included in theme folder plugins and required ).
  • Delivery or Pickup Option
  • Maximum Distance for Delivery
  • Extra Options with price(toppings, extra, additional comments) with multiple choice, limited choice and single choice
  • MultiStore feature for restaurants with multiple locations
  • Automatic Order Printing directly to your thermal printer for Windows & Mac
  • Multiple Customer Addresses
  • Live Accept/Decline Orders. (Customer is waiting for order approval in real time from the restaurant)

License Activation

After enabling the plugin Go to WooFood->Settings and type your License Number(Puchase Code on Codecanyon) and press Save Changes, you can also set the minimum order amount, set the average delivery time or select the automatic delivery time calculation to be enabled to automatically calculate the time based on the product process time.

Create Extra Option Categories

Before creating extra options you should first have created an extra option category to assign the extra options there.

Navigate to WooFood ->Extra Option Categories

In the left side you will see  Add New Extra Option Category . Type the name of the extra option category you want (for example Sauces ) also set the slug (for example sauces again) and press the button create the category.

Enable Ajax(Suggested)

Enable this checkbox is you want to load products on the same on Archive/Category Pages and on  FrontPage.



Create an Extra Option

Navigate to WooFood->Extra Options and press Add Extra Option and in the title type the name(for example Chilly Sauce) of the Extra Option, after that set the extra price for this extra option and select the Extra Option Categories to be assigned :You can also select the Product Categories for this extra option to be visible(or you can manually select the extra option categories to be visible on each product, i will tell you how to do this in the next step).

Note: If you want Extra Option to have a different name on backend and be with other name visible in frontend complete also the Visible as to the name you want to be visible in public. For example . You have 1 variable product (Burger) with two sizes. Normal and Large  and you are charging Chilly Sauce double in Large Burger .Then you have 2 create 2 different Extra Options . One with Title Chilly Sauce for Normal Burger  and set the visible as Chilly Sauce and the 2 Extra Option will have Chilly Sauce for Large as Title and Chilly Sauce as Visbile as. With this configuraton you will be able to recognize the exra options  better in the backend while on the frontend are visible with the same name but different pricing.

Assign Extra Option Categories on Simple Product

Create a Simple Product on WooCommerce ( let's name it for example Crispy Chicken Burger Simple).

After the Regular Price and Sale Price Fields you will see a new MultiSelect Field (This added by WooFood Plugin).

You will see  all the Extra Option Categories( If you want to set multiple extra option categories on the product you can select mulitple by pressing the CTRL button on Windows or the CMD button on MAC, to select them.


Assign Extra Option Categories on Variable Product

Create a Variable Product on WooCommerce(let's name it for example Crispy Chicken Burger Variable)

In attributes i have created a new attribute with name Size for example and added these Options : Regular , XL

See the following example

Now let's go to Variations and select Create Variations from All Attributes and press Go

This will create 2 variations : One for Regular  and one for XL.

Now Expand the variation and you will see a new multi-select field "Select Extra Option Categories" added from WooFood Plugin and select the extra option categories you want to be visible on this variation. Do the same also for all variation.

Note:If for example in the Regular variation you want to show extra option categories but you don't want to show extra option categories on the XL variation, select No Extra Category  on XL.

WooFood Accordion Menu ShortCode (Classic Editor)

If you want to add the woofood accordion menu  with all categories use the following shortcode to any page


WooFood Accordion Menu GutenBerg Block

WooFood now supports Gutenberg Blocks. You can easily select the WooFood Categories Accordion  and select the category you want to insert as accordion or select all categories.

Customize WooFood Theme


Go to your WooFood Customizer by going to Appearance ->Customize.

Go to Site Identity and upload your logo and set your site icon.

You can also change all the colors of the Theme like the following

  • Header Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Menu Bar Background Color
  • Menu Text Color
  • Menu Text on Hover Color
  • Menu Text Active Color
  • Menu Background Color
  • Menu Background Hover Color
  • Menu Background Active Color
  • Footer Text Color
  • Footer Background Color
  • Widget Text Color
  • Widget Background Color
  • Button Background Color
  • Button Text Color
  • Accordion FrontPage Panel Background Color
  • Accordion FrontPage Panel Text Color

If you want to use the Theme's default frontpage set the Static Front Page to Your latests posts


WooFood Automatic Order Printing Software  for Windows  & Mac

Now let's setup the automatic order printing on your Windows.

Note: Be sure that you have enabled pretty permalinks on General->Settings on your WordPress settings, otherwise Auto Print Software will not able to communicate with WooFood API

After installing the WooFood Windows Software, on the first open a message will popup to type your License Number(It's your purchase code), the domain name (where you installed the WooFood plugin), the the username and the password . After  typing all of them Save Settings settings....and restart the app for the changes to take effect.

You can change also the labels of the printed order like Order ID , Order Date, Payment Method etc by going to settings on Translation Section and translate them to your language

Also you can check the option to set the order as completed automatically after printed by checking the checkbox AutoComplete Order After Print.


Note: Be sure that the time on your computer is correct (Otherwise you will not be able to activate the windows software and connect to your website).


Multistore Plugin

If you have multiple locations of your restaurant you can enable WooFood MultiStore Plugin to be able to accept orders for all of you stores (Each store will be able to see only their own orders).

Upload the plugin enable it.

After Enabling the plugin you will see that 2 more setting pages added under WooFood plugin

Let's say that you have two stores . First you will need to create to Multistore Users (New WordPress role added by Multistore Plugin), one for each store.

Go to Users -> Add New and create a new user and select as Role MultiStore User

Repeat the above store to create an other user also for the other store and now lets see how to assign the users to each store.

Now go to Stores and and your first Store by pressing Add Store and complete Store Address, Store Email Address , Phone Number and Maximum Distance for Delivery. Extra Store Key is not required for the current version, so leave it empty.

You will see also a select user where  you can select which user will have access to this store . You will need to assign a user to be able also to automatically print the orders using the software.

You are ready with Multistore Configuration.

Each User  will be able to see only their store orders . Use the user logins details to connect the Auto Print App.

Note: Do not connect to the automatic printing app using admin logins or shopmanager logins when you are using multistore. Because you will get all orders from all stores.

Can i use WooFood with my own theme?

-Yes, you can use normally WooFood plugin with your own theme. Keep in mind to tweak the css styling to match with your theme design.

Whats is Accept/Decline Orders and why to enable it ?

- By enabling Accept/Decline Orders under WooFood settings , restaurant must accept the order first in "live mode" before finalising the order and the restaurant can accept or decline the order . If accept the order can select also the approximately time it will take for client to receive the order.

Do i have to fill both of Google API Keys under WooFood settings?

- The first Google API is using Maps Javascript and i used to auto complete the address while the user is typing. The second Google API is using Distance Matrix API library to calculate the distance from the store to the customer. If you leave empty these fields autocomplete will not able to work also distance will be unable to get calculated .

WooFood AutoPrinting app is not getting orders . How to fix it ?

- Be sure that you have enabled permalinks under Settings->Permalinks . Otherwise WooFood Auto Print Software will not be able to communicate with WooFood API and get the orders. Also be sure that you are using the correct login credentials and the user role is Administrator or Shop Manager or Multistore User(if you are using multistore and have multistore plugin enabled). Check also that you have completed the full url of your website including http or https and the purchase code is correct.

What Payment methods can i use with WooFood?

- You can use any payment gateway for WooCommerce as WooFood depended on WooCommerce.