Increase Maximum Number of Orders on Automatic Printing Software for WooFood

The below code snippet is for increasing the default 10 as maximum number of orders the Automatic Printing Software will fetch .

Copy and paste the following snippet inside your functions.php on your child theme and this will increase the maximum number of orders to fetch to each sync to 20 (You can change 20 to the number of orders you want to fetch)

Please note also the by increasing the number of orders fetched this will also increase the resources needed of your server on each request the WooFood Automatic Printing Software is making. A suggestion is increase it step by step .. Try to increase it at 20 for example and check your server load while the software is running. If you don’t see any server load difference you can increase it even more .

PS: The most restaurants are already covered with 10 orders at processing status at a time . Increase it only if you have more than 10 orders at a time with processing status on WooCommerce

add_filter('wpslash_autoprint_orders_limit', function()
return 20;