Trigger your custom JS when Extra Options changing

You copy and paste the following snippet to your functions.php on your child theme.

The following code will give an alert() to user when an extra option is checked.

Adjust the code to your needs

add_action("wp_footer", "wpslash_woofood_extra_option_triggers" ); 
function wpslash_woofood_extra_option_triggers()
jQuery(document).on("change", ".extra-options-accordion input, .extra-options-accordion select", function(){
 						var current_extra =  urldecode(this.value);
 						var obj_current_extra = jQuery.parseJSON(current_extra);

 						var id =;
 						var cat = obj_current_extra.category;
 						var price_html = obj_current_extra.price;
 						var price = obj_current_extra.price_float;
 						var name =;

 						if(this.checked || this.selected)
 							alert(name+" has Bee checked")


       function urldecode(str) {
   return decodeURIComponent((str+'').replace(/\+/g, '%20'));