WooFood Popup Compatibility with Shortcodes Ultimate

In case you are using WooFood with and using also Shortcode Ultimate Plugin you will have noticed that styles are not loaded inside the popup.

By using the following code on your functions.php on your child theme you will be able to load normally the css and js assets inside popup

function PREFIX_su_force_assets() {

  if ( ! function_exists( 'su_query_asset' ) ) {

  // Shortcode styles
  su_query_asset( 'css', 'su-shortcodes' );

  // Icons
  // For shortcodes with icons like spoiler or service
  su_query_asset( 'css', 'su-icons' );

  // Animations
  su_query_asset( 'css', 'animate' );

  // jQuery
  su_query_asset( 'js', 'jquery' );

  // Lightboxes
  // lightbox, exit_popup, splash_screen, image_carousel w/ lightbox
  su_query_asset( 'css', 'magnific-popup' );
  su_query_asset( 'js', 'magnific-popup' );

  // Shortcode scripts
  // tabs, spoiler, image_carousel, etc.
  su_query_asset( 'js', 'su-shortcodes' );

  // Extra Shortcodes add-on
  su_query_asset( 'css', 'owl-carousel' );
  su_query_asset( 'js', 'owl-carousel' );
  su_query_asset( 'css', 'shortcodes-ultimate-extra' );
  su_query_asset( 'js', 'shortcodes-ultimate-extra' );


add_action( 'wp_head', 'PREFIX_su_force_assets' );