What is WordPress ? Guide for Beginners

What is WordPress ? WordPress logo

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System ) used today to power the  70% of Websites out there .

WordPress initially used only for creating blogs but nowadays is used for creating any type of website including eCommerce sites.

Why to choose WordPress ?

Most users choosing WordPress because having  the most user friendly environment and can be extended with new features using different themes and plugins 

Along with the WordPress extensibility WordPress come along also with huge support community .

There are millions of users using WordPress and you can find support for anything you can imagine on Blogs and Forums like tutorials 

What is “Plugins” and “Themes” ?

WordPress plugins are third party coded add-one that can be easily added directly from WordPress dashboard and can add new features and tools on dashboard or on front end.

WordPress themes are used to change the appearance of the WordPress site .

There are many free and premium WordPress themes out-there . 

For example if you want to build a site for a restaurant it’s better to start looking for restaurant WordPress themes or if you are looking to start an eCommerce with clothes you will have to look for “WooCommerce fashion themes

I am pretty sure that you will be able to find a WordPress theme that you will like . Possible you will find more than one theme 

How can I install WordPress ?

To install WordPress you must first have a hosting plan on a company like Siteground 

Siteground supports the automatic WordPress installation with one click .

This will save you much time avoiding the manual way and creating databases 

Are there any other hosting companies supporting one-click installation of WordPress ?

Yes, the most of them out there already supporting WordPress installation with a single click.

Some of them and trustworthy hosting companies to start your site are the following .